Engine Oil Test Kit

Maintaining engine health is crucial to the performance and longevity of your vehicles engine. Engine oil analysis testing provides insights of the performance on your engine oil and will specifically highlight:

  • Fuel dilution
  • Engine wear elements such as (but not limited to) iron, chromium, copper, aluminium and lead
  • Engine oil contaminants such as (but not limited to) silicon, potassium, boron and magnesium
  • Engine oil oxidation

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How it works?

Nulon’s oil testing kit gives you unique access to independent analysis, results and interpretation of their engine, plus the ability to track the performance of your engine oil over time. Technology that is normally out of reach of the typical motorsport and racing enthusiast.

Order the oil test kit online and we’ll send out the oil test kit with detailed instructions

 Complete all forms provided and fill the supplied sample bottle with the used oil

Post the Sample bottle and information form into the pre-paid post pack

Receive and analyse the data from your detailed oil analysis